Frank – The Credible Hulk – Strikes Gold

Gold medal 110716 Pic 3

We’re all familiar with the Incredible Hulk stories where mild mannered scientist Dr Bruce Banner is transformed into The Hulk and we all know “the madder the Hulk gets the stronger he gets”.

Meet Frank Zou, resident of St. Leo’s College, who could easily be described as the Credible Hulk: Absolutely a mild-mannered scientist who is studying for a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biomedical Science, here in St. Lucia but who also happens to be one of the top powerlifters in his weight category in Australia. Frank can lift more than four times his body weight. Hence the Hulk tag.

Frank recently competed at the inaugural IPF University World Powerlifting Cup in Belarus and won the gold medal in his weight range. In fact, Frank smashed the competition.

Watch out for Frank – not because he is scary – he is taking the powerlifting world by storm.