International House 2016 Valedictory Dinner


serving as a farewell
“a valedictory wave”
Synonyms: farewell, goodbye, leaving, parting, departing, going away, final.

The Jacaranda’s are blooming and the end of year is looming! While this time of the year means SWOTVAC and exams, it is also a time for celebration.

Our 2016 Valedictory Dinner on Wednesday 26 October, was a wonderful celebration of success and recognition of resident’s hard work and Housie spirit, as well as giving fond farewells to those who are leaving us.

Our formal Valedictorians for the evening as pictured (L-R) were;

Front Row: Josef Miklavc, Philippa Evans, Jakob Perrett, Amber Bitzer, Lucy Ioannou, Johnathan Chan, Marco Lindley and Jacqui Chiu
Back Row: Owen Evans, Gabby Austin, Lee Yi Sheng, Jake Morrison, Nicole Ho and Elouise Lethborg
Absent: Nicole Coles, Theresa Tran and Jane Cheng

Special awards are traditionally given out on this evening and we congratulate;

IH Way Awards: Olivia Chan, Thomas Hooper, Sharif Nada & Yurika Yamamura
Sportsman of the Year: Harry Brookes
Sportswoman of the Year: Tia Reardon
Cultural Awards: Melody Hung, Katherine Li, Harry Brookes & Vitor Frasson
Housie Awards: Tayla-Jade Graham, Danielle Montecalvo and Thomas Hooper
President’s Award: Johnathan Chan
Spoon Award: Gareth Hunt

So now for some of our Housies, the close of 2016 means a final goodbye to International House. It means the completion of many years of hard work, returning home to loved ones, changing living arrangements or the end of an exchange. Whatever the reason, just know, leaving IH is not the final chapter.  As an alumnus of International House, you will join more than 5,000 former residents to stay connected, be invited to events, receive monthly eNewsletters and stay informed about all the activities and goings-on. So keep in touch, update your details before you leave, and don’t forget to collect your Alumni Pack from the office, if you have not done so already.

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