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About the ICC Cultural Competition

The inter-college council allows the colleges and their members to participate in a range of sporting, cultural and social events. In particular, the inter-college cultural events allow participants to continue to engage in activities like music, dance, public speaking, acting and many other forms of art. This is done through nine annual cultural events including: college idol, debating, art show, bandfest, choralfest, chess, oratory, one act play and dancefest. The purpose of these events is to allow students to participate and get involved in activities in which they excel or perhaps take them out of their comfort zone. Finally, since most cultural events are group-orientated, they involve students from different niches, which gives participants the opportunity to work and learn from different people, as well as make connections with students from all colleges.

Current ICC Cultural Table

For 2019 College Idol will be held on Monday 25th March at the Red Room (on campus at UQ) starting at 7pm.

In the meantime check out the College Idol winner from 2018 – from The Women’s College

The ICC Debating competition runs on Tuesday evenings from 1st April to 27th June in 2019. 

The ICC Choralfest takes place on Saturday 13th April at Cromwell College.

In the meantime check out the winners of the 2018 Choralfest – The Women’s College

Latest ICC News

Though most are aware, it has been decided that all ICC Sporting, Cultural and Social events and competitions have been postponed indefinitely.

This decision will be re-evaluated after the mid semester break, based on advice from UQ, Queensland Health, and the Federal Government.

We apologise for the stress and frustration this has caused. Stay safe, stay smart, look after each other. We’ll be back and better than ever before you can say corona. 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
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1st King's College - 99 Points
2nd St Leo's College - 79 Points
3rd St John's College - 59 Points
4th Emmanuel College - 46 Points
5th Union College - 43 Points
6th Cromwell College - 32 Points
7th International House - 18 Points

1st St John's College - 116 Points
2nd Emmanuel College - 89 Points
3rd Duchesne College - 81 Points
4th Women's College - 73 Points
5th Cromwell College - 71 Points
6th Union College - 64 Points
7th King's College - 50 Points
8th International House - 32 Points
9th Grace College - 20 Points

Congratulations to all Colleges !
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