Woozas Defend Great Court Race Title

UQ Great Court Race: There was a big turnout of spectators keen to see if Women’s – as the defending champions now for a few years running – could do it again, and it was so good to see the girls reclaim the trophy! Natalie Schuster, Meg Jakins, Georgia Muir and Emma Meyer are pictured here with Adjunct Professor Iyla Davies (Head of College) in the middle.

Rowing:  We tied for first place overall which was an excellent effort! In the three lead-in regattas as well as the ICC Regatta, winning overall means you claim the ‘trophy oar’ of the College who is hosting that regatta. This year we won or came equal-first in all lead-in regattas, meaning we have won more oars than ever before! The oars are displayed in the College’s reception area. Well done to Millie Volck and Kate McCauley for co-ordinating.

Volleyball: The team came 2nd overall and had a great season.

Waterpolo: Women’s made it to the Grand Final and came 2nd overall.  This was the first year Women’s had branded togs which looked really professional!  Well done to convenor Bianca Krigovsky.

Hockey: The women played two of the toughest games and came 5th overall. It was a fun season and congratulations to Lauren Jannusch for convening.

So far Women’s are coming first on the ICC Sports points.

Well done to all Woozas for a great semester of competing, spectating and supporting!